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Driver Coverage

For Individual and Groups

Accident Limits to $1 million

Accident Limits to $1 mil

Accident Medical Expense, there is no deductible

Accident Disability to $700/wk - 7 day, retro to day 1, waiting period

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Non-Occupational Coverage with Every Plan


Coverage with Each Plan

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VBATruckers is your top choice for coverage. We help owner/operators get the best coverage with additional benefits to you, the driver.

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We offer you the coverage needed on your long-haul trucking routes.

What We Offer

Individual & Group Occupational Accident Plans for Independent Owner Operators

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Accidental Death and

When covered injuries result in loss within within the incurral period shown in the Schedule and beginning on the date of the covered accident, this coverage will pay the Principal Sum as shown in the Benefit Schedule on PDFs.

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Accidental Medical
Expense Coverage

For treatment by a legally qualified physician or surgeon within 30 days of a covered accident, pay up to the maximum amount selected for services such as hospital room & board, lab tests, physical therapy and more!

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Non-Occupational Coverage

Non‐Occupational means, with respect to an activity, Accident, incident, circumstance or condition involving an Insured Person, that it is not proximately caused by the Insured Person’s performing Occupational Services.

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VBA Member Benefits

You also receive additional benefits from VBA to the existing insurance in the Outline of Coverage with Great American. These benefits are available immediately for use!

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Disability Income

Temporary Total disability pays you up to 70% of wages as high as $700.00 per week. With a 7-day retroactive waiting period. If you are out 7 days, we will pay starting at Day 1 for 104 weeks.

Continuous Total Disability starts after Temporary Total Disability. We will coordinate with SS and pay until your SSRA ( social security retirement Age). We have you covered!

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Contingent Liability

Groups/Motor Carriers with 10 or more Owner Operators may sponsor a program for their drivers. Also, the Motor Carrier may apply for Contingent Liability. This coverage would Protect the motor carrier in the event that an injured Owner-Operator seeks employee status. The Contingent Liability policy is designed pay either Workers Comp. Benefits on behalf of the motor carrier, if the Owner Operator is deemed an employee of the motor carrier.

VBA Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance Program

Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance covers injuries that result from eligible on-the-job accidents that owner-operators or contract drivers sustain. Value Benefits of America, Inc. along with the Great American Insurance Company providing members with Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance.

Benefits Include:

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    Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance pays benefits for injuries sustained in a covered accident

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    Up to $1,000,000 Accident Medical Expense, there is no deductible

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    Up to $200,000 Accident Death or Dismemberment

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    $700 per week Total Disability (7 day, retro to day 1, waiting period)

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